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Landmark Log Building is a member of the International Log Builders Association and adheres to all its standards. This insures that the log homes we build are strong, durable, energy efficient...and, naturally, great looking. LANDMARK LOG BUILDING Home Gallery Design Accents Construction Links
Your home is constructed entirely in our logyard, then it is labeled, disassembled, and loaded onto flatbed trailers for delivery to its final destination, where it will be enjoyed for generations to come.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality joinery. The eastern white pine species of tree that we use provides a balance of great character, excellent thermal properties and predictability of shrinkage.
The logs are individually selected from the forests of the southern Adirondacks with size, straightness, taper and, most importantly, character in mind. Often a tree with exceptional character when discovered in the forest is envisioned for a specific location in the building.
We specialize in using the Scandinavian full-scribe method of log building that blends old world traditions with modern technology. We use full length, winter cut trees with no visible butt joints. Combined with shrink -to-fit saddle notches, overscribing methods, and proper kerf cuts, we can eliminate most of the problems associated with building with green logs.
The log roof system most commonly used is the Post and Purlin style. Purlins are the logs running parallel with the ridge pole. They rest on log posts located over the log walls. The posts have flat sides to accept the conventionally framed wall systems used in the closed gable ends. These framed wall systems can be sided with materials such as cedar shakes, or siding, pine board and batten or live edge horizontal siding. Log Trusses are often used instead of posts to support the ridge and purlins. Truss designs include the king post truss and the scissors truss. For a total log look, full-scribed log gable ends can be provided. (Because log gables settle up to 6 inches, extra work and expense is required.)
With extensive experience in framing, we look forward to taking on interesting and challenging projects outside the log building field. This addition to a post and beam house wanted to look and feel like a "silo" The timber roof beams included a King post made out of a 15" x 15" x 10' pine timber which was turned on a large lathe to produce the decorative rings